Nampol reiterates need for calm ahead of Monday protest

WINDHOEK, March 17 — Nampol spokesperson Edwin Kanguatjivi has called for calm among protesters who plan to take to the streets of Windhoek on Monday in a movement aimed at improving availability of land.

Affirmative Repositioning has been pushing for lower rental and property prices in the country’s urban areas in recent years, and Kanguatjivi called on the protesters to march in a peaceful manner.

“In as much as the Namibian Police have been notified and will be at hand to assist with escort, the Namibian Police force in the same vein appeal to the marching crowd to ensure that the right and freedom of other citizens are not infringed upon during the march,” Kanguatjivi said in a statement.

The Affirmative Repositioning movement gathers young people who have grown frustrated by the unavailability of affordable land in urban areas. They often use social media platforms to mobilize residents in urban areas. – NDN Staffer