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LPM Student Command concerned about Government ‘s inaction on Namibian students in Cuba.

Windhoek, Sept 14-The Landless People’s Movement (LPM) Student and Youth Command Element is concerned with the recent cries of Namibian students in Cuba. This morning the country woke up to the desperate cries of Namibian students in Cuba asking for the President’s intervention at the Ministry of Higher Education, Training and Innovation. The students have been waiting for their packages for three months.

“We are deeply concerned by Minister Iitah Kandji-Murangi’s inability to act on an issue that has received much media coverage”. In June The Namibian newspaper reported on the conditions that our fellow students find themselves in. “We are also aware of the many letters written by the Namibia National Student’s Organization (NANSO) on the matter”. It seems that their interventions have also fallen on deaf ears.

Last week, the LPM Student and Youth Command Element, Popular Democratic Movement (PDM) Youth League and the Student Union of Namibia called on the Minister to withdraw the NSFAF laptop bid that would see tenderpreneurs making millions of dollars from student refunds. The Minister took this issue to parliament, without consulting these student bodies.

This is all happening, while thousands of students in Namibia are still waiting to receive their annual NSFAF refund. It is worrisome to think that students have not received any funds from the organization which according to their requirements should be the only source of funding for students. How do they expect students to live? Maybe through prostituting their bodies? For many years now, students have been asking for the funds to be distributed to them on a monthly basis. This has also fallen on deaf ears.

The Minister’s continued inability to act in the best interest of students on these matters as the Constitution of the Republic of Namibia and Ministerial Oath requires her to do, has made it necessary for the LPM Student and Youth Command Element to demand for the immediate resignation of the Honourable Minister. We no longer have confidence in her leadership as Minster of Higher Education, Training and Innovation. That is why, we are asking the Minister to respectfully resign from her position and allow someone else who is up to the task to lead the students.

LPM has asked NANSO and other student bodies to stand with it and jointly demand for the Minister’s resignation. “Our bodies may have different ideological standpoints, but we are UNITED in our fight for the students”, said LPM.

Laimi Fillemon