State-house official found dead at lodge


By Hertta- Maria  Amutenja
WINDHOEK, APRIL 15 – A Namibian official was found dead this morning outside Windhoek. State House official Reinhold Amupala’s body was found earlier on today. He was 38 years old and the Deputy Director for Maintenance at Namibia’s State House

Namibia Daily News was informed telephonically by Commissioner Edwin Kanguatjivi: “We cannot confirm if he committed suicide. We however can confirm that there was a dead body,” he said, adding that police investigations are continuing.


Earlier today, sources claimed there is a link towards the recent Presidential investigation that has been brought about after an elevator dispute.

The elevator in question involves the house of a former vice president,

“Yet the other former vice president, because of his age and health, cannot walk upstairs to his house. So now, Statehouse provided an elevator….,” according to the source.

“Later they found out that the contract was illegal. President Geingob decided to put in an investigation as to who AUTHORIZED this particular incident.”

The source added: “The guy who took his life is suspected to have taken his life  because of this issue.” UNCONFIRMED reports place he as the mastermind behind the illegal tender.

Further more,it was  Heja Lodge where he committed suicide , where the management of presidential officials were they were gatherd. –