Have some soup and keep warm


Hertta-Maria Amutenja

WINDHOEK, JUNE 21 – As the winter has slowly started creeping in, it is essential to maintain optimum body temperature and shun that coldness away. The occasional drinker will have an excuse to chase away the shivers and teeth-gnawing weather by plunging themselves in a bottle of whiskey, while the more conservative people will turn to their mug of coffee.

However, nothing goes down and keeps you warmer than that bowl of good old-fashioned soup.

If you are looking for some mouth-watering soups to keep you warm this winter, then look no further than the modest I Eat Bread of Life situated in Windhoek.

It is Windhoeks’ newest coffee shop that has modest prices for some tantalising soups.

Spotting a few bible verses, it is more than just a coffee shop.

Armed with a variety of  soups, Portuguese rolls and vetkoeks (fat cakes), it is slowly positioning itself as one of the capital’s go to establishments for those who crave a little soup once in a while.

In my personal opinion, nothing satisfies those cravings like the potato, bacon, cheese and cream soup.

The sum is better than the parts as the soup is not only rich and creamy; throwing in the bacon elevates it onto another level: out of this world!

Owner Lydia Heelu is an avid soup lover and she kicked off her passion by making beef stew.

“It is (beef stew) the first stew that I learned to make and so it is close and dear to my heart,” she said.

She reminds me that although there are bible verses and Christian apparel on display in the shop, that does not mean that she will not cater to a customer who is not religious.

“It is a Christian coffee shop, although we do not discriminate. We do not only want to serve food, but also remind people about Gods purpose.”

Clearly passionate about food, Heelu said “I cook the food with lots of love.”

I Eat Bread of Life coffee shop is also open to groups that need a location to host bible studies.

While many may not opt for a coffee shop, I had the opportunity to experience the pairing of warm delicious soups, fresh buns and undoubtedly some inspiration.

I Eat Bread of Life is situated in Ausspanplatz, Stern Building NO.2. –;