Botswana, Namibia to further strengthen bilateral ties

GABORONE, Feb. 17 — Botswana and Namibia are seeking to further strengthen bilateral engagements during the 6th session of the Botswana-Namibia Joint Permanent Commission on Cooperation (JPCC) held virtually on February 16-18.
Speaking at the session, Permanent Secretary in the Ministry of International Affairs and Cooperation of Botswana, Gaeimelwe Goitsemang said that “it will undoubtedly deepen and strengthen bilateral relations as well as the bonds of friendship that exist between our two countries. I believe we should take full advantage of this, not only to take stock of progress made in the implementation of our commitments but also to explore further opportunities that can be exploited for the mutual benefit of our countries.”
It says the session will provide an opportunity to discuss issues pertinent to the socio-economic development of both countries including trade and investment, agriculture, health, mining, and the environment as well as tourism.
“While acknowledging the modest progress in some areas, we need to redouble our efforts as there is still an array of pending Agreements and Memoranda of Understanding, which have to be concluded. It is, therefore, my fervent hope that this meeting will agree on ways to expedite the conclusion of all the pending bilateral instruments,” Goitsemang said.
Co-chair of the Namibian delegation, Penda Naanda said even though the last session between the two countries took place in 2011, the bilateral cooperation had not stagnated but grew from strength to strength.
“This is evidenced by the multitude of joint programs and projects agreed and implemented over that period, coupled with frequent high-level reciprocal visits the most recent of which was last month’s successful working visit to Namibia by the President of Botswana,” he said.


– Xinhua