Water supply in Northern Namibia under threat: Report

WINDHOEK, JAN 28 — The sustainability of the 140 kilometer water canal which supplies water to about 847,000 people in the Northern part of Namibia is under threat from persistent drought conditions that are faced by the country.
A sustainability report released Monday by the country’s water utility says the canal which starts from Calque Dam in Angola and stretches to Oshakati in Namiba is under threat from unsustainable rainfall patterns that have affected Namibia and other Southern African Development Community (SADC) countries.

                               Picture: SADC Ground Water Management-Institute

“While Namibia is generally experienced with drought conditions, in recent years the sustainability of this water supply infrastructure (Canal) has been threatened by the destruction of the canal by floods which wash away sections of the canal as well as drought conditions, which have limited water supply.
“For this reason the Ministry of Agriculture, Water and Forestry with development partners KFW commissioned a pre-feasibility study aimed at analyzing the water demand and supply situation in the areas supplied by the canal,” aid the report.
SADC countries are said to be facing a potential drought with normal to below normal rainfall because of an Elnino condition. – XINHUA