Namibia says to stick with electronic voting machines in this year’s elections

WINDHOEK, JAN 28 — Namibian Chief Election Officer Theo Mujoro said on Monday the country will continue using electronic voting machines in the forthcoming general and presidential elections.
Opposition parties in Namibia want the machines to be used but with guarantee for paper trail, a move that could prove costly for the government, which has spend over 100 million Namibian dollars (7.4 million U.S. dollars) in acquiring the technology to make sure the electoral staff are conversant with the machines’ use.
The voting machines are a tried and tested technology which will go a long way in improving how the country runs its electoral systems, Mujoro said.
Namibia first introduced electronic voting machines in the last elections in 2014.
The use of voting machines has become a campaign topic for the upcoming elections, expected to be contested among 13 registered political parties. –¬†XINHUA