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Students from Marginalized Communities dropped out of institutions of higher learning due to failure by Government to pay their Bursaries .

Windhoek. July 28- In a statement released this morning, the Students Union of Namibia, have raised their disappointment in which the Marginalized students bursaries are not being paid by government as a result alot of students from the marginalized communities drop out of Universities. The SUN said “government under the Ministry of Marginalized communities which fall under the office of the vice president Nangolo Mbumba has failed to honor their obligations of paying for the students bursaries”.

The programme fail to pay the students monthly allowance every month and this cause serious challenges to the students as fund is no more reliable. As a consequence of the above, the Marginalized Students are facing the following challenges: Lack of accommodation, Transport fees, food and other basic needs such as toiletries.

These challenges forced most of the students from the marginalized communities to drop out of their academic journey.

The Marginalized Students are known for being economically disadvantaged and this programme was made to assist them with financial support but the programme is failing, many students can’t afford to pay their accommodation, some go to school on a hungry stomach, some miss classes due to transport fees.

The programme was established in 2005 by government to provide support to students from the Marginalized communities such as the Ovatue, Ovatjimba and San.

The Students Union of Namibia has given the Vice president Nangolo Mbumba a week to sort out the problem, failure to do so will, they are prepared to go and camp at Kenya house until such time that this problem is addressed.

NDN Reporter