Steenkamp calls for ‘relentless measures’ to ensure efficient spending

WINDHOEK, April 2 — The Namibian Ministry of Education, Arts and Culture will continue to undertake an expenditure audit to enhance efficiency and organizational performance amid budgetary constraints.
Sanet Steenkamp, executive director at the ministerial annual plan review meeting yesterday said that the education sector has been sternly affected by the downward-grading of the budget over the years, hence the call for consistent and relentless measures to ensure efficient spending.
The Ministry was allocated N$13.8 billion for the 2019/20 financial year, compared to last year’s N$13.4 billion.
While significant progress has been made in the budget provision, Steenkamp said the biggest chunk of funds allocated to education, however, goes towards personnel expenditure, effectively culling funds for other programs.

According to Steenkamp, the Ministry will hence-forth lend on innovation and put in place more cost-cutting measures to maximize on restrained resources.
“We ought to be bold in making structural changes, come up with a new revised structure- to be able to do much without increasing the wage bill to promote funds accountability for value addition,” she added.
The Namibian government allocates 23 percent of its budget to the education sector, slightly higher than the international standard of 20 percent.
Leaders and managers of education are meeting in Windhoek this week to review and validation of annual plans to identify the bottlenecks and unpack challenges in the education sector for mitigation. – Contributed