Stars aligned for King TeeDee as 13-episode life documentary to air on MNET imminent

Musa Zimunya

WINDHOEK, FEB 28 – FIFTEEN years ago The Dogg underwent a crucible and within those years, it has transformed him into his current alias ‘King TeeDee.’ And for those that missed the experience, it is only a matter of time until music lovers, aspiring, dedicated and hard working individuals experience it from a bird’s-eye perspective as MNET will document his life in a 13-episode life documentary.

During the launching of the ‘280919 Revelation of King TeeDee’ at Pelican Cafe today, King TeeDee explained that his music and record label Mshasho, had spawned into an international brand, and also revealed that plans are in motion for the unprecedented 13-episode documentary of a Namibian musician.

“Furthermore, my music has grown into an international brand. Not only my music but also my different business ventures including my clothing line. I can
proudly confirm that my life will be documented through MNET and I look forward to sharing our beautiful country with the rest of the world. It is an honor that my work has made an impact on many and worth documenting. As the weeks may go by, more information will be shared through our public relations agency,” he said.

At the same occasion he beamed at wonderful synergies that were present during the 280918 event between Namibia and Tanzania adding that a tangible result was that Namibian music had managed to cross ‘our’ boarders and penetrate a different market.

“Diamond Platinumz and I managed to reached the number one spot on I tunes within a matter of days which shows the universal language through music. Last week I managed to premier our Namibian work on YFM, allowing our unique sound to filter South African homes and beyond. This is a radio station that I was always fond of and listened to former musicians like Zola on such platforms. It was a wonderful experience being able to share the same platform with such great mentors in the industry.”

He further reiterated that as a business man, his interests remain focused at uplifting the community through his merchandise, music and clothing line.

Turning back to the upcoming September event, King TeeDee encouraged people to come in their droves and take part in creating new memories.

“I would like to encourage all of our SME’s to take part in this event. It brought joy to my heart when I heard that the platform that we created boosted image, sales for our exhibitors last year. We have shown our nation that our industry is becoming a force to be reckoned with and we will continue to allow our talent to transform into a business like any other,” he said. – musa@namibiadailynews.info