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Cocoma J.P School left out of the Namibia house uses bricks as chairs and table.

NDIYONA, July- Cocoma Junior Primary School situated in Kavango East region, in Ndiyona constituency 137 km east of Rundu. The School learners have been denied the previllage enjoyed by other Namibian learners of seating on chairs and the use of tables to do their school.

After 30 years of Namibia’s independence the school system has failed to provide educational infrastructure to the young learners of Cocoma Junior Primary School in order for them to make their dreams come true.

After learning of the situation at the school, Namibia daily News team were hard at work trying to find out why after all this years the School still do not have chairs and Tables. The princil at the school Mr. Moses Ndumba who was together at the school at the time the journalist spoke to him opted to give the phone to the inspector who also opted not to comment but requested us to send the pictures to his phone and he will respond the the next day.
Commenting on the picture that was sent both the principal, Inspector, one of the teacher at school said the class seen on the picture is indeed at her school and that was her class shown in the picture.

Namibia daily News, decided to reach out to the Inspector and the Director of education in Kavango East region but both opted not to answer their phone.

Speaking to the Governor of Kavango East region, Hon. Bonifatius WaKudomo, he said he was not aware of the situation at the school, he therefore decided to consult with the director of education but unfortunately the Director was not reachable. He however informed us that the region has placed orders for chairs and tables as there are also some schools with the same problem, but he did not indicate if Cocoma Junior Primary School will also receive chairs and tables from the order the region has placed.

Cocoma Junior Primary School have 3 teachers, 1 female and 2 males and consist of grade 1 up to grade 4.

NDN Reporter