China rejects Turkey’s Xinjiang-related accusation

BEIJING, FEB 11 — China on Monday rejected Turkey’s accusation of policies of northwest China’s Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region.

“I have noticed the statement by Turkish Foreign Ministry spokesperson. It is abominable,” Foreign Ministry spokesperson Hua Chunying said at a daily press briefing.
According to the Turkish Foreign Ministry spokesperson, famous Uygur musician Abdurehim Heyit died a year after he was taken in custody.

“In fact, he is alive and very healthy. I saw his video on the Internet just yesterday,” Hua said.
“Turkey’s statement is based on an absurd lie. Such a move of making groundless accusation against China is extremely wrong and irresponsible. We express firm opposition to this,” she said, adding that Chinese embassy in Turkey has already responded to the statement and China lodged a solemn representation on Turkey over the issue.

Hua said that since the 1990s, the “three evil forces” (terrorism, extremism and separatism) in China and abroad have plotted, organized and conducted thousands of violent terrorist attacks in Xinjiang, causing massive casualties and injuries of innocent people of various ethnic groups.

Xinjiang’s efforts in countering terrorism and extremism based on international anti-terrorism experience in recent years have made obvious progress and people in Xinjiang are satisfied with their lives and feeling more secure, said Hua.

According to Hua, ambassadors, diplomats and journalists from a dozen of countries including Turkey visited many places including vocational training centers in Xinjiang since the end of 2018 and their understanding of Xinjiang was increased via the visits.

Hua said that Turkey was also a multinational country, and also faced the threat of terrorism. It would only harm others and itself if it followed a double standard on the anti-terrorism issue.
Hua said she hoped Turkey will not hear and trust only one side, but could correctly recognize and understand China’s related policies and efforts, and take concrete measures to enhance mutual trust and cooperation between China and Turkey. – XINHUA