Daylight gunpoint-robbery at Swakopmund

SWAKOPMUND, Aug. 29 – A pair of daring capers with nerves of steel displayed reckless abandon when they robbed a law firm’s delivery woman at gunpoint in broad daylight.

Tensions have reached fever-pitch recently, after a recent spate of violent crimes descended upon the coastal town of Swakopmund, leaving three pensioners dead in their wake.

The latest crime is an audacious robbery that occurred during lunch time in Sam Nujoma Avenue (CBD), as two men approached a woman from behind, pretending to be meat sellers. Once they got close enough, one of the men held a gun to her head, while the other proceeded to strip her of all her jewelry (including her wedding ring), cell phone and handbag before they fled the scene.

The suspects are described as in their 20’s and the victim has laid a case of robbery with the Swakopmund police.

Swakopmund residents are once again probing for the establishing of close circuit cameras, especially in the central business district, as fears of the town degenerating into a criminal haven began to sound like reality. Criminals roam the streets, without care about what time of day it is, nor if there are other people around. – Marshallino Beukes