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President Geingob thanks Namibian for the peaceful election campaigns.

Windhoek, Nov 24 – – President Geingob expresses appreciation and wishes to thank the Namibian people for their orderly conduct during the just ended
political campaigns for the 25 November 2020 Regional Council and Local Authority Elections.

Congratulating the Namibian people for the peaceful campaigns, President Geingob says:
“Fellow Namibians, I wish to thank you for the orderly and peaceful manner in which you have conducted yourselves during
the campaigns for the Regional Council and Local Authority Elections. Exercise your right to vote tomorrow in the same
peaceful and orderly manner. Indeed, our democracy is growing
deep roots and is maturing. Namibia is the only country we can call our home.”
Namibians will go to the polls tomorrow, Wednesday, 25 November 2020 to elect regional and local authority
representatives for the 6th time since independence in 199.

Robert Maseka