Past interns share experiences as Poiyah Media takes in its fourth round of interns

WINDHOEK, FEB 6 – On the 30th of January 2019, Poiyah Media took in its fourth round of interns. Kadijah Mouton, Victoria Petrus and Rosalia Amupolo were the three lucky top three ladies who impressed the judges during the intern interview and scored the positions as interns, which included Toivo Nuugulu and Simon Samuel who are young businessmen in the entrepreneurial industry.

When asked about their experience being selected into the Top 8 interviews, they all mentioned the adrenaline rush to pitch their first presentation which revolved around creating a public relations strategy around the launch of free city Wi-Fi.

Poiyah Media announced its intake on 27th December 2018 and closed its submissions on January 14th.
Receiving an average of 4 requests per day within 18 days, it was evident that the need for work experience still remains a demand for many youth.

As a part of the journey, Poiyah Media took a look at some of the previous interns and where they are now. Frieda Lukas, who was part of the first Poiyah Media intern intake is now fully employed as a Social Media Practitioner at Pupkewitz Holdings. Shoki Kandjimi, who continues to enhance his brand through radio will pursue his Honours through the Namibia University of Science and Technology.

Aunne Lungameni, who joined Poiyah Media during its first intake continues to follow her passion in the fashion industry alongside Media.
Evangeline Kamati, who was part of the third intake, balanced dual roles as Poiyah Media and its client, Pamoja Records administrator and looks forward to fruitful opportunities having graduated already. She described her experience at Poiyah Media as an amazing experience.

She added that it was an eye-opening experience in which she gained a lot of knowledge. “It is a work hard, play hard culture at Poiyah Media with the best team,” she humbly noted.
Nyeuvo Amukushu who was part of the second intake is currently a freelance content creator at the office of the First Lady, as well as a third-year advertising and politics student at The University of Namibia. Nyeuvo who was exposed to the PR industry during her intership at Poiyah Media notes that the experience works to her advantage and that she is excited to see what Poiyah Media achieves in the near future.

Graphic designer Salamon Hamatwi who was also part of the third intake narrated that his experience at Poiyah media was one of the best experiences in his life, as he got to network and meet a lot of established and familiar faces of the industry.

“This has opened my eyes and broadened my perspective on the working life,” he boasted.

Chongo Kampamba who is of Zambian origin, is a soon to be BA Media Studies (Honours) graduate from UNAM in April. She has returned home to Zambia to be with her grandmother and start a career back home. Onesmus Embula, recently landed his job at a local daily publication as a journalist last year and continues to excel in his field of speciality.

Lastly, Eline Namweya admits that it is not that all glamorous and fun as it may seem on the outside via social media platforms. A lot of hard work goes into public relations. “The most challenging event was KING TEE DEE which stretched our innovation, skills and ability to multi-task and take on many roles at the same time,” she giggled.

Founder of Poiyah Media, Ilke Platt, feels proud of her team excelling and feels proud of employing her first intern, Claudine Narimas, as Poiyah Media’s public relations officer.
“As much as I would like to employ all of the interns that continue to showcase their incredible talents, we intend on building Poiyah Media to create more job opportunities. I am proud that we can be testimony to train and retain. With our five-year strategy we intend on retaining many more of our talent,” she said.

Poiyah Media continues takes in interns twice a year for a period of 6 months, to allow room for practical experience and allow room for the new public relations practitioners to get their foot through the door in the corporate world. – NDN Staffer