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NAMA Tickets sales Proceeds to support Namibian artists due to COVID-19.

Windhoek, Aug 5-The Executive Committee of the Namibia Music Awards 2020 Finale has announced that the tickets sales Proceeds will be used to assist Namibian artists who have lost their income due to COVID-19.

“all proceeds from ticket sales will go to a Covid-19 relief fund in support of Namibian artists and the live music entertainment industry that have lost all their income during the Pandemic
restrictions, All the nominees in the categories will have an opportunity to perform their nominated song
which essentially unlike previous years. We will then announce the winners of the music genres immediately after the shows and pay out prize monies to the winners. In addition “This year we will also give every nominee a flat participation fee of N$3000 taking into consideration that COVID19 has resulted in a loss of income for so many artists”,explained NAMA Executive Chairperson Tim Ekandjo.

NDN Reporter