Home affairs institutes permit stickers with built-in security features

WINDHOEK, May 9 — Namibia’s Ministry of Home Affairs and Immigration has introduced visa and permit stickers with built-in security features to protect integrity.

During the launch, Executive Director of the Ministry of Home Affairs and Immigration Etienne Maritz said that previously, Namibia had been making use of rubber stamps which had underscored one of the biggest flaws due to fraudulent activities.The unreliability, availability and reproduction had culminated in unlawful practices.

“Every year we encounter fraudulent stamps imitating those we endorse for the various permits, money and much of the ministry’s time is spent in litigations,” he added.

According to Maritz, the implementation of the visa and permit stickers will be slated in two phases starting with the following permits: employment, temporary residence, work visa, student and permanent residence, which are all processed by the head office in Windhoek.

“The second phase will be to roll-out visa stickers for holidays, transit and general visits to our diplomatic missions abroad. This will require strengthened linkages between our diplomatic missions and the head office,” he added.

Meanwhile, the stickers will be processed through the Aliens Control System and will furthermore, be interfaced with other systems such as the Electronic Border Management System to enable data sharing.

“This very important system is responsible for managing the entry and exit of people including the background checks and for the management of essential statistics,” he said.
The stickers will come in five categories and will be found in the following color codes; green, blue, brown, yellow and red.  – XINHUA