Presidency Cautions Against Fabricated Allegations Pertaining to the Health of the Founding President, H.E Dr Sam S Nujoma.

Windhoek, Feb 22–The Presidency has noted with concern baseless and unwarranted allegations pertaining to the health of the Founding President of the Republic of Namibia and Father of the Namibian Nation, His Excellency Dr Sam S Nujoma. The Presidency

wishes to assure the nation that the Founding President is doing well and there is absolutely nothing that should be of concern to citizens. Therefore, it is wholly deplorable that there are malicious individuals who are peddling fake news, misinformation and disinformation about the health of the Founding President. Such acts are nothing, but an attack on the integrity of the Founding President, who should
be allowed the necessary privacy without undue conjecture and rumormongering about his health.
The Founding President gave up his youth and sacrificed immensely in the fight for the liberation of Namibia, a feat achieved on 21 March 1990, and at great cost in terms of brave and innocent lives lost, including other material damage. It deserves further emphasis that the Founding President worked tirelessly to build and develop an independent Namibia, a task he performed with extraordinary ability until
retirement on 20 March 2005. In light of these significant contributions to our well being as Namibians, the least to be done is to extend the necessary courtesies and respect to a national icon. The undesirable speculation about the health of the Founding President is lamentable and should seize forthwith.
The Presidency wishes to encourage reporters, journalists and the broader
Namibian public to desist from relying on fake news sources and gossip, whose
objective is polluted disinformation, and only with the objective of creating undue
panic within the population. The Namibian Government is committed to transparency and accountability, which implies a robust commitment to informing the Namibian
public about significant developments in the country. Therefore, for social cohesion Namibians are encouraged to remain vigilant in the fight against fake news and misinformation, and only rely on verified sources of information.

Robert Maseka