Peace of mind if insurance is up-to-date

WINDHOEK, DEC. 5 – FNB Insurance Brokers wishes to provide clients with peace of mind during the upcoming festive season.

“As you prepare to enjoy your well-deserved break, ensure that all your assets are secure and that your insurance is up-to-date,” said Gerhard Mans, Managing Director at FNB Namibia Insurance Brokers.

“It is important for us that our customers know they are well looked after, and we would thus like to provide them with a few tips before the upcoming holiday season.”

When taking your house into consideration, ask your short-term broker about the insured value of your property, which should represent the true replacement value, in the event of a major loss. If you are unsure about the value, contact a valuator to assist you in calculating the correct value.

Other tips we have include:
• Make sure that the roof of your house is sealed, and the gutters cleaned before the rainy season hits.
• Check the water meter at your residence to make sure that there are no detectable water leakages which require fixing.
• Ensure that the security at your home is well maintained.
• Close the water mains unless they are on a gardening timer and switch off the geyser before you leave.
• If you can, don’t let any garden or grass outside your house become overgrown, as this is a sure sign that you are not home.
• Besides your neighbours, do not alert too many other people that you are going away for an extended period.

Regarding your house contents please ensure that your moveable assets are adequately insured, this includes:
• Making sure the insured value of your Household Goods represents the current replacement. The best way to do this is to complete an inventory form which can be collected from any FNB Insurance Brokers branch.
• Testing the alarm system installed at your dwelling in order to ensure that it is connected and in working order.
• Ensuring any additional security such as burglar bars, security gates and electric fencing are in place and do not require any maintenance.
• Locking all inside doors as you leave the house.
• If possible, arrange for a house-sitter, because nothing screams “nobody home” like an outside light which remains on during the day. Alternatively, you could install a timer switch which will allow your lights to turn on at random times during your absence.
• When packing your vehicle for a long journey, don’t do it in clear view of the street.

It is equally important not to neglect insuring the personal belongings which will accompany you on your travels such as:
• All mobile devices, including cell phones, tablets, laptops, gaming consoles or any other technological device you take along to entertain the kids as well as cameras
• Luggage including clothing and cosmetics
• Camping Equipment
• Ensure the Unspecified All Risk limit on your personal policy is enough to cover items not specified on your policy.

Gerhard Mans, Managing Director at FNB Namibia Insurance Brokers

“Please note that most insurers place an item limit on Unspecified All Risks. Our suggestion is that you find out from your broker what that item limit is and then specify all items in excess of that limit. Make sure that your high risk / high value items that stay at home are safely locked up in a safe or safe place,” Mans recommends.

“One of the most common electrical occurrences, is power fluctuations or cuts causing electrical / electronic equipment connected to a socket, to fail. Power spikes reach a refrigerator compressor and the huge load causes the compressor to fry. In many cases, power spikes are harmless, but every once in a while, they can cause damage. Lightning can also take out many items connected to the grid. Many an unsuspecting vacationer have returned home to find that their fridges / freezers / audiovisual equipment had stopped working due to this. Not a wonderful “welcome home”! There are great new surge protector plugs available and some are even custom-made for fridge-freezers, and others for TV’ and audiovisual equipment.

If you are travelling by car, please bear in mind that your transport should be in good working order so that you and your loved ones arrive safely at your destination. Ensure that your vehicle underwent a service within the last 12 months and there are no leaks, creaks or squeaks that require your attention. Also check your tyres including the spare wheel, vehicle registration as well as windows including the wipers” concludes Mans. –