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New members sworn in as the 7th parliament resumes.

Windhoek, March 20 – New Members of Parliament were sworn in today by the Chief Justice Peter Shivute in the National Assembly Chamber. Members from all political parties including SWAPO, the ruling party which obtained 63 seats in the National Assembly in the 2019 election, the Popular Democratic Movement (PDM) which tripled its seat in the National Assembly from 5 seats to 16 seats in the 7th parliament were all sworn in without any hitches. Among the new members, included are Inna Kaviao Hengari and Winnie Moongo who are some of the youngest members of Parliament.
The 7th Parliament also welcomed new parties. These include the Landless People’s Movement under its leader Benardus Swartbooi and his second in command Henny Siebeb, other parties include the NEFF, APP, RDP, UDF etc.
The new members swore in the eyes of the Chief Justice and the public at large “to be e faithful to the Republic of Namibia and its people and solemnly promised to uphold and defend the Constitution and laws of the Republic”.

Compiled by Joseph Tobias