Demanding answers the legal way.

Walvisbay, Nov 18 — Knowlege Ipinge the constituency councilor for Walvis Bay urban today opened a case of corruption, theft and fraud against the municipality of Walvis Bay(CR36/11/2020. He said people should stop complaining about corruption and do something about it.
“I have enough evidence and that’s why I opened this case. I will take the case number to ACC for further investigations,” he said.
Ipinge further said the case is about the missing tax payers money of over N$24millions for the mass urban land servicing with the municipality failed to account for.
Two weeks ago the municipality’s leadership ignored a petition that Ipinge intended to deliver to them.

Earlier this month a local weekly reported that the town’s chief executive officer blamed an error made by the banks as reason for the missing millions.

NDN Walvisbay Correspondent