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Joshua Wong sentenced to 10 months in jail for participating in unauthorized assembly in Hong Kong

HONG KONG, May 6 — Joshua Wong, an instigator of the Hong Kong riots, was sentenced to 10 months in prison on Thursday for participating in an unauthorized assembly last year.
Wong and three others had earlier pleaded guilty to charges of participating in an illegal assembly in 2020 in Victoria Park of Hong Kong. They were sentenced to four to 10 months in prison respectively by the District Court of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region on Thursday.
The judge said that it was a blatant violation of the law that the defendants knowingly participated in the unauthorized assembly. It is necessary to impose a deterrent penalty to reflect the seriousness of the case to deter others from following suit.
The trial of the case, which involved a total of 26 defendants, including another instigator Jimmy Lai, started on Feb. 5. The above-mentioned four defendants pleaded guilty to charges against them on April 30.
Meanwhile, two defendants in the case have escaped from Hong Kong and the court has issued arrest warrants against them. As for Lai and 19 other people, the case was adjourned to June 11. (Xinhua)