European Parlianment member calls on EU to cooperate with China instead of confrontation

DUBLIN, May 6 — A member of the European Parliament (MEP) from Ireland on Wednesday called on the European Union (EU) to cooperate with China instead of being “led along by the nose by the Americans” into confrontation with China.
Mick Wallace, an incumbent MEP from the south constituency of Ireland, made the calls by tweeting a video speech he made at an April meeting of the Committee on Foreign Affairs of the European Parliament, a legislative body of the EU.
In the speech, Wallace spoke highly of the rapid development of China and urged the EU to cooperate with China instead of choosing an aggressive position with it.
In the tweet attached to the video speech, Wallace said “#China has completed greatest poverty reduction programme in human history, while #Homelessness in the West is at record levels. In last 40 years China bombed nobody or isn’t Sanctioning any countries to death – Why is #EU allowing #US to drag us into confrontation with China..?”
“China is a normal country that has worked miracles for its people…China is a world leader on climate change mitigation strategies. China has had one of the best COVID strategies on Earth, at home and helping others. China is building all kinds of infrastructure and public services projects that we could only dream about here,” he said in the video speech.
In his opinion, China has made remarkable human progress “while not invading, or bombing or sanctioning any countries to death,” and its experiences offer inspiration for other countries.
“Why are we choosing an aggressive position with China? Why are we not choosing cooperation instead of aggression? Why are we not respecting the principle of state sovereignty and non-interference? We should be working for peace with China. It’s in our interest,” he noted.
“But you know what? I can’t help feeling that we are being led along by the nose by the Americans who have a vested interest in challenging China at the moment not because China is a threat to the security of the American people… But China is a threat to their financial supremacy,” he said.
The short video speech that Wallace posted on his Twitter account has drawn mixed reactions from readers. While some may not agree with Wallace, many others showed support for him. Over 1,000 readers re-tweeted or expressed “likes” for his speech shortly after it was released.
One reader named JoJo said that “Thank you Mick for offering a more rational and thoughtful perspective. Peace can be achieved only if the truth is unveiled.”
Another reader called Rajen Limbu said “He stated the facts about China. China doesn’t attack or sanction other countries but always follows non-intervention policy. War and sanctions always have negative results. China learnt lesson from the past histories.”
A third reader named Analog commented that “Very few politicians value principles and justice enough to be willing to speak the unpopular truth against a backdrop of popular geopolitical disinformation. You have my utmost respect.”
Wallace, 65, served in the lower house of the Irish parliament from 2011 to 2019 and became an MEP in July 2019. (Xinhua)