Windhoek, Feb 20-The Minister of Labour, Industrial Relations and Employment Creation, Hon. Utoni Nujoma inaugurated a Wages Commission for a National Minimum Wage on Thursday. The Commission will investigate the possibility of introducing the National Minimum Wage (NMW).

The Commission is expected to investigate all industries, report and make recommendations to the Minister on a NMW. Once enacted, the NMW will cover all employees across all sectors of economy expect categories of employees that might be specifically exempted by the Minister. The Report is expected to be comprising of the National Minimum Wage proposals and projections, Implementation Strategy/Plan of the Minimum Wage, reviewing and adjusting of the NMW, enforcing of the NMW as well as other recommendations that the Commission deems appropriate.

Currently, there are only three (3) sectorial based Collective Agreements on Minimum Wages and Conditions of Employment in Security, Construction and Agriculture Sectors as well as a Wage order for Domestic Workers. Other Sectors remain unguided (in terms of Minimum Wages) and thus entirely depends on the settlement between an employer and employee(s) through a collective bargaining system.

The Commission is appointed in February 2021 and is anticipated to conclude its task by 31 August 2021, after which it shall submit the Report to the Minister not later than 30 September 2021.

Interested persons may make their written representations concerning the NMW and related supplementary Terms and Conditions of Employment, including the matters set forth in the Terms of Reference of the Commission to Wages Commission Secretariat not later than 30 June 2021.

The Commission has the following five (5) members:
1. Dr. Marius Kudumo (Chairperson)
2. Mr. Gideon Thomas (Trade Unions Representative)
3. Ms. Edwina T. Hashikutuva (Employers’ Organisations Representative)
4. Dr. Fritz S. Nghiishililwa (additional member)
5. Ms. Alexia N. Kariko (additional member)
The Commission is assisted by Ms. Wilhelmine Shigwedha and Ms. Francina Nghitukwa as the Secretariat.

Robert Maseka