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Cohen extends its lead in the Bank Windhoek Fistball League.

Windhoek,April 21–The second round of the 2021 Bank Windhoek Fistball League saw Cohen Fistball Club (CFC) defeat hosts and bitter rivals Sport Klub Windhoek (SKW) with a 2-nil score line over the weekend in Windhoek. The results extended CFC 1’s lead to four points in the 2021 Bank Windhoek Fistball League standings.
In Group A, CFC 1, who planned on dominating the group stages, stuck to their attacking strategy as they defeated the entire Group by winning each match 2:0. CFC 2 was also in excellent form as they put in great performances, which saw them finish second in the Group. Deutscher Turn und Sportverein (DTS) finished third, followed by SKW 3 and Swakopmund Fistball Club (SFC 3), who occupied the fourth and fifth places.
The record champions SKW 1 had no difficulties asserting themselves as Group B winners; they outplayed the rest of their opponents in the Group. SFC 1 could not take the momentum from the last matchday and offered the hosts no resistance. Nevertheless, the team from Swakopmund qualified for the semi-finals. SKW 2 came third, while SFC 2 and CFC 3 took the fourth and fifth spots.
In the second round, DTS and SFC 2 faced each other, with the latter winning the match comfortably to move on to the next stage. SKW 2 beat their club mates SKW 3 and SFC 2, which saw them claim the fifth spot during the match day.
Boosted by their dominant form, CFC 1 emphasised its title ambitions and beat SFC 1 2:0 in the semi-finals. SKW 1 also left nothing to chance against CFC 2 and made it through to the final. SFC 1 then won the battle for third place against CFC 2 with a 2:1 result.
In the final, CFC 1 started better and had a two-point lead early on. SKW 1 equalised during the match, but in the end, CFC 1 won the first set with a 12:10 win. SKW 1 stepped up their game in the second set and led with two points in this entertaining contest. CFC 1 fought back and won this exciting set with 12:10. With the tournament victory, the defending champion, CFC 1, again earned 12 points.
In the youth fixture between the SKW teams, SKW 1 defeated their second team 2:1.
Next in the 2021 Bank Windhoek Fistball League is the indoor tournament, scheduled to occur on Saturday, 8 May 2021 in Swakopmund.
The 2021 Bank Windhoek Fistball League Second Round Placements table:
Place Team Points
CFC 1 12
SKW 1 10
SFC 1 8
CFC 2 6
SKW 2 4
SFC 2 2
SKW 3 0
SFC 3 0
CFC 3 0
The 2021 Bank Windhoek Fistball League table
Place Team Points
CFC 1 24
SKW 1 20
SFC 1 16
CFC 2 12
SKW 2 5
SFC 3 / SFC 2 4
SKW 3 0
CFC 3 0

Robert Maseka