Kamdescha Police living in harsh conditions

WINDHOEK, Aug. 28 – Namibian Police officers in the Kunene region, Kamdescha C police station to be precise, are living in desolate conditions as the state has seemingly failed to provide decent housing units, electricity and water for the officers there.

Police officers walk a distance to get to the nearest source of potable water, while they use electricity sourced unconventionally from an office that does not fall under the Ministry of Safety and Security.

Speaking on condition of anonymity, one police officer fumed that superiors responsible for the district do not take (our) their request seriously and they have been living in appalling conditions for quite a long time.

“We have drawn an extension cord from one of the veterinary houses to use electricity time and again, as we are tired of coming back after work to collect fire wood and water to cook meals. It seems that our complaints are not being heard. We have a number of conversations with our regional superiors to take the matter to the highest level since we can not do that on our own but there seems to be no answer from the top levels for years now,” the officer said.

The officer’s informed that they use containers to carry water from tanks set up at veterinary, and that is what they use for consumption and bathing every day, due to lack of water at the dilapidated houses they are accommodated.

Moreover, the officers are using a tent that was set up few years back as a charge office and no efforts have been make to put up a permanent structure as a charge office.

In fact, there are serious sanitary issues within their vicinity of operations as the police are use nearby bushes to relieve themselves whenever there is a need due to the lack of functional infrastructure at their base of operations.

“Imagine how a female staying in a cardboard box house with no water to flush the toilets survives. We have no choice but to use the bushes. I am tired of the situation here I need to be stationed anywhere else I have been here for years now,” an officer fumed.

However, another major concern raised by the officers is the lack of banks at the nearest town, 55 kilometers away. And as a result, officers take turns to travel to Opuwo, 300 kilometers away from their station.

CHARGE TENT: The police are using this tent as a makeshift charge office

Responding to questions about this particular ‘stations,’ the Inspector General of Nampol, Sabastian Ndeitunga, noted that Ministry of Safety and Security has long realized the need for accommodation of Police Officers, especially at various Border Posts along the protracted border between Namibia and its neighboring countries, such as Angola, Botswana and Zambia.


“Having realized the need, various projects were undertaken in Kunene, Kavango East and West as well as Omaheke Region aimed at addressing the accommodation needs. The aim was to provide decent accommodation to all Police Officers at all police facilities, however, due to circumstances beyond the control of the Ministry, it could not complete all the projects as originally planned, but as conditions improve, the Ministry will continue to construct such facilities as planned,” he said.

He added that all Police Officers, be it at Border Posts or any other Post where there are inadequate facilities, must be patient as plans are underway to construct facilities at all the Border Posts. – Jonsey Douglas