Breaking News : Member of National Council Shikongo arrested for assaulting a pensioner.

RUNDU,June 29,SWAPO Party National Council member and constituency councillor of Rundu Rural East, Michael Shikongo Mukoya Shipandeni was arrested this afternoon ending his 12 hours awol from the police after assaulting a 63 year old pensioner Likakatere at Tjeye village in Mashare constituency situated in the Kavango East region.

According to police reports, the Councillor travelled from Rundu to Tjeye to attack a pensioner after he was reliably informed that she cleared his late father’s field without his consent.

A Councillor who pretended to be in meeting since morning was unreachable until his arrest later this afternoon.

According to information the pensioner requested the piece of land from Councillor’s uncle who is living at the same village who gave the consent to the victim to use her N$ 8 000 to clear the land.

The politician was angered when he heard information and decided to settle his other uncle at the same cleared land,upon the pensioner’s resistance that she used her own money to cleared the land,yesterday she met her fate from unannounced aggressive councillor who just started kicking and beating her starting from inside her shack to outside without asking.

When contacted for comments by national broadcasting corporation (NBC) the councillor acknowledge beating powerless woman and pensioner but stated it was accidentally as he was trying to separate someone who fought against the victim.

All Rundu police officers refused to comment on the arrest of the politician who is expected to appear for assault and attempted murder charges before Rundu magistrate tomorrow (tuesday). Shikongo already served for 15 years as constituency councillor with minimal development in Rundu Rural East constituency and his position at the moment is the talk of the region.

Shikongo is the second councillor arrested for assault in the same region this year,after his fellow comrade Eugene Likuwa, councillor of Ndiyona constituency was also arrested for assaulting his wife during Christmas eve.

NDN Reporter