“We stand with the Namibian Nation and all those not supporting the liquidation”:Nekongo.

Windhoek, Feb. 11–The SWAPO Youth League (SPYL) for the past 12 months has been engaging the leadership of both the Swapo Party and the Government on the liquidation of Air Namibia. The militant wing has presented its case for the National Airline not to be liquidated on the expense of white monopoly capital yet we are aggrieved to see cabinet going ahead with liquidation. We maintain our ground that we do not agree with liquidation of Air Namibia.

1. We have seen over the past four years attempts to liquidate parastatals by the Ministry of Public Enterprise questioning their purpose and mandate.

2. We have raised and continue to denounce the appointment of one Namibian on two or more boards while we have a pool of capable and competent Namibians that can devote their talent, skill and knowledge on saving parastatals by serving only on one board with commitment and dedication required.

3. The SWAPO manifesto directs for parastatals to be turned to profitability and not liquidation hence we shall never agree with young Namibians being thrown out to the streets leaving them financially distressed.

4. We call without fear or favor for cabinet to reverses it’s decision and take hard decisions on saving the airline than looking for easy way out. We believe that Namibians have a local solution to Air Namibia, there is an opportunity to navigate a new beginning through innovative strategies.

5. We call on all patriotic Namibians with expertise and knowledge to provide input and insight on possible strategies to turnaround Air Namibia.

We stand with the Namibian Nation and all those not supporting the liquidation.

Robert Maseka