Old Mutual makes communities safer and more secure.

Windhoek, Nov 3-Over the past 100 years of Old Mutual operation in Namibia, the company has formed an integral part of the communities in which we conduct business operations. This is because these social units comprise of our employees, customers and stakeholders at large. 

“An enduring lesson we learnt over the last 10 decades, is that, while things rapidly change around us, the things that truly matter don’t. Personal safety and security matters to everyone and as an established Namibian brand, we have an invested interest in making our communities safer and more secure through collaboration with key safety and security stakeholders”, said Ndangi Katoma, Executive: Marketing, Communications and Customer Strategy at Old Mutual.

To date Old Mutual has invested over N$300 000 in the Neighbourhood Watches across the capital city Windhoek. “This support to our community members kicked off in 2018 and is one way of demonstrating that Old Mutual cares, said Ndangi Katoma, Executive: Marketing, Communications and Customer Strategy at Old Mutual. 

To this effect, Old Mutual committed just over N$200 000 towards to the Neighbourhood Watch (NHW) Association of Namibia in collaboration with the Namibian Police Force’s (NAMPOL) Community Crime Prevention initiative, to identify and facilitate all necessary material and equipment needed by registered Neighbourhood Watches in Namibia, sourced from local suppliers. 

According to Atousa Fischer-Buder, National Community Affair Committee Chairperson, the NHW Association have 55-members with an additional 63 Community Policing Groups (CPG) across Namibia that are registered with and recognised by NAMPOL. “Old Mutual’s sponsorship has strengthened our crime prevention networks, sending out a strong message to criminals that we will stand united to make our neighbourhoods safer and more secure”, she said. 

The breakdown of how Old Mutual initiative capacitated the Neighbourhood Watches is as follow below: 

Provision of Uniforms to active patrollers: 

The below full kits were acquired for 132 NHW members in total; 

•    Patrol Cards: N$6 600.00

•    Flashlights: N$13 200.00 

•    Caps: N$ 13 312.86

•    High Visibility Vests: N$14, 891.75

•    Golfer Shirts: N$24, 563.48

•    Razor Mesh Fence: N$26, 961.18

•    Branded Metal Boards: N$ 44, 148.50

•    Boots & Trousers: N$69, 759.90

The total value of this consignment was N$213 437.67, representing the following Neighbourhood Watches: Rocky Crest; Khomasdal (Extension 4); Otjomuise (Extensions 1, 2, 3 and 5) and Katutura (Okaramba, Ondundu, Grysblok, Donkerhoek, Goreangab Extension 3, Greenwell Extension 1, and Shandumbala.  Amongst the above NHW’s that benefitted are:  

  • 123 members who received uniforms (shirts, caps, reflective jackets, trousers, boots and belts);
  • 9 members received uniforms in lower package (shirts, caps, reflective jackets);
  • 132 members received rechargeable flashlights;
  • 26 entrance boards were produced amongst all NHW and
  • 19 sets of Car Magnet Stickers for all above mentioned NHW 

During the 2018/2019 financial year, Old Mutual assigned N$100 000 towards those Neighbourhood Watches who demonstrated that they could raise their own funds for safety and security projects, but needed a bit of support, namely; 

  1. the Ludwigsdorf Neighbourhood Watch with Surveillance cameras to the value of N$40 000, 
  2. Eros Neighbourhood Watch with erected billboards to the value of N$20 000 and 
  3. Suiderhof Neighbourhood Watch with erected Razor-Mesh fence to the value of N$40 000.

Robert Maseka