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OAG targets sets 2022 goals

WINDHOEK, 12 AUG. – The Office of the Auditor-General (OAG) aims to achieve 100% of its financial goals by 2022 according to its Strategic Plan for the 2017 to 2022 period.
The plan was launched by Auditor-General Junias Kandjeke, who said the OAG’s vision is to be a leading Supreme Audit Institution (SAI) in enhancing transparent accountability in the use of public resources.
The Strategic Plan will touch on five objectives in specific order: ‘Enhancing financial and operational independence through autonomous legal framework’; ‘Ensuring audit service excellence and quality’; ‘Enhancing the utilisation of SAI resources in terms of efficiency, effectiveness and economy’; ‘Strengthening stakeholders’ communication and engagement’; and ‘Strengthening institutional capacity and capabilities’.

Meanwhile, the OAG also targets 65% financial independence achieved by 2021/22. In terms of ‘enhancing financial and operational independence through autonomous legal framework’, the OAG targets the enactment of the Audit Bill to achieve that goal.

Moreover, Kandjeke said in order for the OAGs vision to be achieved, it shall uphold its values for confidentiality and transparency, independence and objectivity, integrity, professional behavior and accountability.
“Let me share with you that it is challenging when it comes to confidentiality and transparency. However, our office can earn trust if we protect information, balancing this with the need for transparency and accountability. Integrity requires us to observe the principles of independence and objectivity, maintain irreproachable standards of professional conduct, make decisions with the public interest in mind, and apply absolute honesty in carrying our work and in handling resources of this auditing body,” Kandjeke noted.
He stressed that the Strategic Plan should be implemented to respond to national, regional, continental and global initiatives, and that it is the OAG’s duty to audit how government institutions adhere to government policies in order to enhance effective governance.
“Taxpayers expect that the result of the audit work of the OAG has an impact that makes a positive difference in their lives,” he said. –Sharma Mundingi

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