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MTC’s new project aim to create jobs among the youth.

Windhoek, March 19-MTC recently introduced a new project aimed at job cration within the country. ‘Paint Namibia Blue’ is designed to create temporal employment opportunities for artisans in all 14 regions in the country.
MTC plans to kick start its project this month and Namibian Painters who do not have jobs can finally earn an income through this initiative.
With the help of its distribution team, MTC plans to identify outlets to roll out this project.
According to MTC’s Chief Human Capital and Corporate Affairs Officer Tim Ekandjo, to reduce unemployment rate among the youth, “it is important for corporate sector to create employment opportunities in different fields”.
Tim Ekandjo said that the project will contribute towards youth empowerment and therefore, they intend to integrate local skills and capable painters, both men and women, with outstanding portfolios to execute the task.
He added that this skill force will extract talent from the benefiting 121 constituencies, meaning that they will take skills from a constituency to do work in their constituency in order to ensure that the opportunities are equally shared.
Lack of employment opportunities in Namibia is a serious concern and has been weighing on the country in recent years. According to the Namibia Statistic Agency latest report, at least 33.4% of the youth were unemployed in 2018.
Apart from creating temporal employment opportunities, ‘Paint Namibia Blue’ is aimed at increasing the visibility of the communication giant and ITC enabler and to propel the company’s brand prominence.
“This project is anticipated to achieve two things. First, to create temporal youth employment opportunities, and second, to increase MTC’s brand and corporate identity across the country. It is only fair than that we give talents from those constituencies to do the work” said Ekandjo.

Urias Ngondji