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Mark the owner of Shamvhura Camp is in hot water again from the community.

SHAMVHURA,27 AUGUST 2020,family members of late Kandara Kahare whose decomposed body was recovered on the 8th day after his death in Kavango river 50 km away from the scene allegedly killed by hippos last month. The community surrounding villages of Sharuwanda up to Mukuvi are up in arms against Retired Ranger Mark Paxton owner of Shavhura Camp accusing him of hostile and killing 3 community members since 2007.

Last month while family members were looking for their missing relative Kandara,Mark Paxton announced and published pictures of late Kleopas Kandara on social media of Environmental organizations called ISAP that Kandara Kahare his enemy number one at the village and also accused the late as a well-known poacher in the area was killed by hippos,this announcement attracted attention international and many environmentalists commended in celebratory reaction which angered and shocked the community especially the family members of late Kandara who were still searching for Kandara that time. Mark’s celebration has send waves in the community, words around the community are now pointing fingers to mark as the person behind the death of their deceased member.

In the same announcement Mark was quoted saying that the late Kandara was behind his short detention in Angola last year, where he was beaten by Angolan Police forces who also confiscated his fishing boat of up to now.

According to Lukas Kahare the family spokesperson of the late Kandara,their family have decided to approach the Gciriku Traditional Authority to seek justice as they have gathered enough evidence implicating Mark Paxton behind the death of Kandara as they have clushed in many occasions.

“As a family we reported the matter of my late brother Kandara Kahare to the headman of Shamvhura walikuto Nikolaus Kamburu and we are expecting headman to summon Mark to traditional court” said Lukas after contacted for comments.

Mark is not new to controversies,in 2007 he was also accused of killing Christoph Weka a community member at the same village of Shamvhura who’s rifle was later recovered at mark ‘s place but technical he survived the case using lawyers who claimed lack of sufficient evidence to implicate Mark in the case. Some community members claimed that because they were poor could not afford to get a good lawyer and lack of police investigations made them to loose the case.

Yesterday,on heroes day headmen and village development committees from the surrounding villages gathered at Shamvhura and took decision by asking the Traditional Authority to cancel the Consent letter and leasehold which gave power Mark Paxton to own 50 hectares of land at Shamvhura village in Ndiyona constituency situated in Kavango East region.

In the same meeting community leaders threatened to take law in their own hands to make sure that hostile Mark Paxton is removed within their community if the law and police officers try to defend him like in the past.

In the early 90’s community of Shankara village in Ndonga Linena Constituency clashed with Mark Paxton again on same accusations of his behavior which led him moving out of the village, later he went to settle at Shamvhura village and established a Camping site.

When contacted for comments by Namibia Daily News, Mark Paxton denied all the accusations calling it nonsense before switching off his phone, “I’m denying all accusations leveled against me and this is nonsense,bye”

The headman of Shamvhura Nikolaus Kamburu couldn’t be reached for comments as his mobile Went unanswered.

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