Angola, Namibia seek to reopen border

LUBANGO, Angola, April 23 — Namibia’s ambassador to Angola, Patrick Nandago, on Wednesday said his country has created conditions to reopen the border with Angola, expecting a similar position from the neighboring country, for the good of the population of both countries.
The Namibian ambassador made the statement on the sidelines of the 21st bilateral meeting of the interior ministries of both countries being hosted in Angola’s central Lubango city, adding that the closure of the border has negatively affected the lives of the two peoples.
The border between Angola and Namibia was closed in March 2020 due to the COVID-19 pandemic, operating limitedly for health issues, especially for Angolans seeking treatment in Namibia.
According to the diplomat, the meeting will seek mechanisms to overcome the impasse with the hope that Angola welcomes the proposal of Namibia, because on its side there is readiness to reopen at any time, as has been done with South Africa, Botswana and Zambia.
Nandago stressed that the drought plaguing the south region of Angola has not only affected Angola provinces, but also the northern provinces of Namibia.
Illegal immigration, cattle theft, the reopening of the border and the prison situation between the two countries are some of the issues being addressed at the bilateral meeting running up to Friday. (Xinhua)