Amber Rose models LORD EMH’s fedora, proving that Namibia style is truly going global

WINDHOEK, Mar. 5 – Amber Rose, American model, actress, social media star and cultural icon was recently photographed modelling one of LORD EMH’s fedora hats. This is a true indication of Namibia’s known as Eagle (Ennio Hamutenya) hats taking off globally and epitomizing fashion. Amber Rose was particularly struck by the craftsmanship and the story behind the burn on the brim of the hat. The hat’s trademark “The burn”, (it’s a natural burn that covers approximately 10 cm width of the back, left corner of each hat). The burn lends an extra level of uniqueness to the hat and comes from the ancient tradition of Ekala po lupale. A Namibian tradition that honours the Alpha of the village or tribe. Find out more onwww.lordemh.com and you can follow his journey on instagram @lordemh



LORD EMH is a global brand. Founded in 2016 by Ennio Mathews Hamutenya. Born and raised in Namibia, Ennio Hamutenya is an accomplished sportsman, having made Namibian history in professional football, being the youngest Namibian in the champions league/signing for a champions league club. He has now sacrificed his sports career, to launch his new global iconic brand. A self-taught designer, he has spent the past three years immersing himself in the techniques and production of hats.

Gender: Unisex; Style: Fedora; Shapes: 4; Shapes Name: ONE (Flat with one

dent), TWO (Two dents), THREE (Classic Fedora hat with three dents), FOUR (Four

dents); Colours: Tobacco, Black, Pink up, Dirty Natural; Fabric and Material:

100% Rabbit felt, 100% Silk lining, Hand-dye, Hand stitched; Brim Size: 10; Crown

Size: 15; Limited Edition: 100 pieces available worldwide; Retail Price: £880

LORD EMH Collection is now available on line www.LORDEMH.com