N$ 15 000 worth of cycles donated

WINDHOEK, Aug. 15 – American-based NGO Inclusive Cycling International (ICI), in conjunction with the Namibian Paralympic Committee, donated N$15 000 worth of cycles and have introduced a range of hand cycles to Namibians with mobility disabilities who are interested in learning about adaptive cycling.

The aim of this project is to promote the use of hand cycles as part of the wheelchair basketball clubs and recreational cycling.
These events have a featured selection of cycles designed to be propelled by arms for wheelchair users.
Other cycles are designed for children with balance or cognitive disabilities and can be pushed by an accompanying parent.
ICI had donated six cycles to Namibian NGOs.  Three of the six are wheeled tykes and are used for recreation and sports. Close to 40 disabled persons attend to try out the new designs donated.- Jonsey Douglas


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