Zambia, China urged to focus on youth empowerment to deepen ties

CHINGOLA, Zambia, Feb. 27  — Zambia and China can strengthen their bilateral ties by concentrating on training young people in high-tech jobs, an education expert said on Wednesday.
Lamech Mbise, president of Funzeleo, a United States-based non-governmental organization aiming to inspire and prepare youth for high-demand science and math-based careers, said training young people in high-tech job was vital in ensuring sustainability of Zambia’s economic growth.
He said Zambia, as well as the rest of the African continent, was blessed with a high population of young people below the age of 30, who should be trained in high-tech jobs.
“The over 50 years of bilateral relationships between China and Zambia should be of benefit to both countries,” he said.
“China should consider training the educated Zambian youths in various high technology jobs, as a way of sustaining the cooperation between the two peoples.”
China, he said, was endowed with skills and high technology which could be transferred to Zambia trough training of young people.
The expert is in Zambia for a projects training workshop for secondary teachers in science and mathematics. Since last year, about 30 teachers have been trained on various science and mathematics projects. – XINHUA