U.N. agency urges registry of all drones in global database

MONTREAL, Sept. 12 — The International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO), the United Nations’ aviation agency, plans to back a global database for worldwide drone registry, according to a Reuters report Saturday.

Unable to impose regulations on countries, the ICAO proposed registry of all drones worldwide, which will enable law enforcement authorities to remotely identify and track unmanned aircraft, along with their operator and owner.The Montreal-headquartered ICAO’s support for creating such a databse also aims to help come up with common rules for flying and tracking unmanned aircraft which, with its soaring usage in the United States, raise concern about collisions with commercial jets.The U.N. agency will host a symposium on Sept. 22-23 in Montreal to discuss issues like registering and tracking drones, and ways to prevent drone operation in restricted areas. – XINHUA