Poachers target Antelopes, Hippos

WINDHOEK, 12 AUG. – Environment and Tourism Minister Pohamba Shifeta says that he is worried about the increase in game poaching currently experienced in conservancies, as Antelopes and Hippos have a target .
Speaking at a press conference, Shifeta said that incidences of people entering conservancies illegally and killing animals without permission from anyone had increased, which in turn is causing conflict.
He said that this had resulted in conservancy benefits for traditional members to completely erode, which is a problem for the survival of the members of the conservancies.
“We have received several reports from traditional authorities where some conservancies are located complaining about people who are illegally killing animals. This is very concerning thus as a ministry we are doing everything we can to control the situation,” he said.
There are about 82 conservancies in the country which are at different stages of development starting from emerging where it can take over 10 years for it to be viable.-Harris Rodgers

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