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NUST Student-President speaks, Shatters beliefs

Musa Zimunya

WINDHOEK, AUG. 7 – President of Namibia’s University of Science and Technology (NUST) Student Representative Council (SRC) Marvellous Shilongo, gave her opinion earlier today, expressing herself in an interview with Namibia Daily News.

One of the issues that came up bellied the strike NANSO made, pushing for the resignation of the Minister of
Higher Education, Itah Kandjii-Murangi.

However, such calls have been met with question.

Without holding any punches, Shilongo asked if NANSO’s credibility among students held water, questioning if some members of NANSO “are not even students?”

She assured this publication – throughout the interview – that she was determined to stand for her student body.

Speaking to NamibiaDailyNews today, Shilongo said that NANSO did not liaise with her or any members of her council seeing that the strike assembly point was at NUST, adding that NANSO needed to deal with internal conflicts within its organs.

She said: “The problem with NANSO right now is that they have internal conflict. They have power struggles within themselves and I will NOT allow NANSO and their power struggles to infiltrate my institution,” she said via telephone.

Turning to the strike that NANSO has organised, she said she was confused as to how NANSO would organise such an intervention, without going through the necessary channels first.

“To my knowledge NANSO has not written anything to the Ministry, so I don’t know what NANSO is coming to strike for. –