NBL to solely utilise government recruiting platform

WINDHOEK, JAN 24 – After an influx of traffic on Ohlthaver & List (O&L) Group’s current recruitment portal, ohlthaverlist-recruitment.co.na, the group has turned to Government recruiting platform – Namibia Integrated Employment Information System (NIEIS) effective 1 February 2019.

A statement from the group read: “While the O&L Group has always utilized the NIEIS system as per the requirements of the employment services act – concurrently with the O&L online recruitment platform, the group will now solely make use of NIEIS during upgrades of its current system to accommodate the rising influx.”

This means that all job applications will thus be placed on NIEIS until the new O&L Integrated Human Resources Management System (HRMS) system is implemented. Once the HRMS system is functional, recruitments will as in the past run on both systems again.

O&L Group Manager Organizational Development, Jenine van der Westhuizen said: “Applicants will thus have to upload their profiles and supporting documents on the NIEIS system to apply for opportunities at O&L. For now we will recruit on both systems from 22 January 2019 to 31 January 2019. The NIEIS system will temporarily become our main recruitment application site from 1 February 2019.”

O&L Group Director: Human Capital, Berthold Mukuahima is confident that the NIEIS system will continue to function effectively and successfully for O&L job applications.

“The NIEIS system serves all our needs and should be able to accommodate our recruitment applications traffic. It has the ability to manage engagement with applicants really well, which involves a personal touch with applicants – inclusive of SMS or email based communication. This function makes the system accessible to everyone.”

He added that employers provide reasons for unsuccessful applications to applicants on the system that guides the Recruitment Officers at the ministry to provide further career guidance to unsuccessful applicants.

Furthermore, the Recruitment Officers travel around the country to upload profiles of aspiring job applicants in distant locations to give them access to job opportunities, and such applicants will also be able to view vacancies online and apply directly on the NIEIS website.

Last year during an award ceremony for best complinant employers, Labour, Industrial Relations and Employment Creation Deputy Minister, Tommy Nambahu remarked that NIEIS had placed over 5 000 people in jobs at various organisations across the country since its inception in 2013.

He added that NIEIS has to date registered over 80 000 jobseekers, 809 designated employers and training institutions. NIEIS was created by the Ministry of Labour, Industrial Relations and Employment Creation to collect, store and update information about vacancies, as well as information on employers in Namibia and the names and qualifications of jobseekers. – info@namibiadailynews.info