Leon Mouton: LM Steel Builders.

WINDHOEK, DEC. 13 – Small Namibian manufacturers keep the economy going during tough times and keep craftsmen employed. LM Steel Builders is a great example of this.

In 2019 we will hopefully see more people starting with nothing but a vision and sheer determination. There’s no such thing as overnight success. It takes time, dedication, frustration but is ultimately rewarding and what Namibia’s economy should be about.

We spoke to Leon Mouton and found out just what it takes to make a success of a local business.

“I was born and raised in Gobabis, one of eight kids ……My mother was a housewife, but with enormous integrity and wisdom. She inspired and motivated me to continuously reach for bigger heights.
She raised us all and ensured amidst financial constraints that we completed secondary school.
After successful completion of matric I applied to Polytech to study Electronic Engineering which was my dream. I was accepted at the institution but regretfully due to financial difficulties I could not pursue my dream,” he said.

Mouton moved to Windhoek and worked at Metal Craft – where his brother was the owner.

“I was specialising in steel works. I started as a driver but completed on the job training as a mild steel welder…which I have pursued with great diligence. This was the start of my career which I have always approached with the utmost dedication and perfection.”

His brother had other interests and in 2006, Metal Craft officially closed the doors and Mouton saw this as an opportunity to evolve.

“This was a massive opportunity for me which I grabbed with both hands. I then had to start from scratch since I only had a grinder and small welding machine.
Times were very tough and positive decisions had to be made. Starting off with doing minor jobs such as burglar bars, braai stands, steel doors, etc.”

Over the years, his business grew steadily and he now employs eight artisans and has gathered equipment such as a Milling machine; Press brake; Guillotine; and an industrial Plasma cutter.

“I also taught myself Auto CAD and other design programmes so that I can make designs for clients and help them in their journey to create the perfect design and solution that they desire. This meant many hours of learning from scratch, but the dedication paid off and I am now able to offer a full-service offering. Something I had never dreamed possible, but if you preserve and stay focused you really are able to achieve more than you ever expected. As well as being able to provide for yourself, your family and create employment opportunities,” he added.

He lists among his achievements as being able to work at The Grove, while one of his highlights was delivering “work of quality at the house of our former President Pohamba.”

He added: “My reason for success is that whichever assignment I do….I don’t ever stop, until my GOOD becomes BETTER and my BETTER becomes BEST……………………..
As the World wide Icon and late president Mr Nelson Mandela said, and I quote
‘Everything seems impossible……until it is done.'” – info@namibiadailynews.info