Namibia looks to establish mineral beneficiation strategy

WINDHOEK, June 20  — Namibia is seeking to expand the range and values of minerals processed through the establishment of a Mineral Beneficiation Strategy (MBS).

On Wednesday, Namibia’s University of Science and Technology (NUST) said it has been tasked with consulting stakeholders by the mines ministry to develop a national MBS to ensure that minerals extracted are beneficiated locally to contribute to industrialization through manufacturing.

The objective of the MBS is to provide a clear road-map on how minerals can be beneficiated locally in order to contribute to downstream industrialization through the provision of feedstock and other inputs to the manufacturing industry.

“It is anticipated that the strategy will guide Namibia in developing its mineral beneficiation and manufacturing sectors, leading to the growth of the economy and creation of jobs,” a statement from NUST read.

The Namibian mining industry is one of the main pillars of the country’s economy and makes a significant contribution to the export income (about 50 percent) and Gross Domestic Product (12 percent to 14 percent in recent years.) – XINHUA