Integration of Africa’s small-scale diamond sectors into formal economies needed : Namibian official

WINDHOEK, July 8  — Namibia’s Deputy Minister of Mines and Energy, Kornelia Shilunga said there is a need for integrating of alluvial, artisanal and small-scale diamond sectors into formal economies in order to optimize benefits accruing from the sector.

The deputy minister said this on Monday to delegates in attendance of the African Diamond Producers Association (ADPA) 6th ordinary experts meeting in Windhoek.
Shilunga noted that the diamond production for the majority of the member states represented at the meeting come from the artisanal and small-scale diamond mining (ASM) sectors.

“Furthermore, the ASM operates under an informal system and is presented with challenges that escape internal controls of the Kimberly Process,” she added.
According to her, this necessitates the need for integration as the ASM represents nearly 25 percent of the world’s rough diamond trade.

Shilunga said that alongside integration, the African Mining Vision is advocating for mineral beneficiation, to contribute towards industrialization in order to benefit local economies.

“Namibia is currently developing the National Minerals Beneficiation Strategy, which we hope to finalize in August 2019,” she added.

Shilunga went on and told experts from ADPA to use the platform to come up with proposals, recommendations, and strategies geared towards common initiatives to ensure that benefits accrued from precious minerals to sustain the current and future generations. – XINHUA