Kavango East Governor denies involvement in VaGciriku Chieftainship succession.

NDIYONA,01 AUGUST 2020,The Governor of Kavango East Bonifatius Wakudumo denied his involvement in Royal matters of VaGciriku traditional authority however agreed that he held meeting on thursday with VaGciriku Headmen and Chief Council members at Ndiyona Tribal hall just for merely consultations as a Governor of the region.

According to those who were in the meeting which was strictly for Traditional Authorities only as police were deployed at the door not allow anyone else inside,Governor Wakudumo asked the Headmen on why the delayment of the Chief since the post became vacant after the passing on of late NkuruHompa Kassian Shiyambi but when contacted by this reporter of Namibia Daily News today Wakudumo totally denied asking such question,saying he was invited to consult on traditional matters as a Governor of the region.

Interestingly,in Gciriku Tribal Authority the Chief Council members (Advisors of late NkuruHompa Shiyambi) are still functioning up to date and writing official letters though the person who hired them to advise him (Late NkuruHompa Shiyambi) passed on in November 2019,this same council led by retired teacher Diacon Krisantus Likoro invited Governor Wakudumo to the Thursday meeting.

Royal family and community tried several times to resolve this committee with the reason according to the Act that the Chief Council only exist if the Chief whom they are advising is still alive and ruling,not in this case were VaGciriku Traditional Authority doesn’t have a Chief at the moment,but however this Chief Council still stay put that they are in authority and at same time pushing for their own candidate different to Royal family candidate for them still to remain in Chief Council.

On same Thursday meeting Wakudumo who was accompanied by 3 officials also presented a document which he said it’s Traditional Authority Act, he then explained to the Headmen and former Chief Council members that in the new Act of Traditional Authority Royal family doesn’t anymore have power to appoint Chief but as Headmen like as they were in the meeting of Thursday have powers to do so not Royal family, Governor Wakudumo also denied saying it to the Headmen,saying “I have no interest in VaGciriku Traditional matters because I myself is not a Gciriku but a Sambyu and we have their own traditional authority”. I can’t say that,he replied.

Constituency Councillors within VaGciriku Traditional authority including Royal family were not invited to this meeting and some view it as a clear attempt to derail the succession process and political interference as the Royal Family is about to meet anytime soon to appoint the successor of late NkuruHompa Kassian Shiyambi and one faction decided to organize such high meeting to be attending by Governor to seek endorsement, but however Governor defended it saying it was just his meeting with the Headmen and does nothing to do whom the Royal family have to select as a successor.

According to Royal family that the meeting of the Governor though not invited however united them and indications remains on Prince Barthlomeus Aruvitha Kayoka while former Chief Council and some Headmen are supporting Muraghuli from Mantjodinkuru leanage and Prince Kosmas Shimanu from Rukundenkuru is also another contender but latest information is that he is now in support of his elder brother Prince Aruvitha to take the throne.

By NDN Reporter