Girl raped in India on way to school for Independence Day function

NEW DELHI, Aug. 16 — A 12-year-old girl was kidnapped and
subsequently raped Tuesday, while she was on her way to school to celebrate
India’s Independence Day function, police said.

The Class 8 student was raped in northern Indian city of Chandigarh.
According to police, the girl was stopped by a man inside a children’s
traffic park and pulled aside to carry out the sexual assault. “The girl
was on her way to school and had used the park route as a short cut to make
it to the school function well in time,” a police official said. The
victim reportedly told police that the man kidnapped her by showing a
knife. “There wasn’t much traffic on road due to the Independence Day
celebrations and park was almost empty,” the official said. The victim
according to police was taken to a local hospital for a medical examination
where doctors confirmed the sexual assault. Following the sexual assault,
the girl informed her parents, who reported the matter to police.- XINHUA