Death toll in Sierra Leone mudslide rises to 331

FREETOWN, Aug. 18– Altogether 331 bodies have been taken to the
morgue by the rescue team following the devastating mudslide, according to
Sinneh Kamara, head of the Connaught Mortuary in Freetown, capital of
Sierra Leone, on Thursday.

A release from the State House indicated that a mass burial of the corpses
would take place at Waterloo in the outskirts of Freetown at 3 p.m.
Thursday. While rescue operation carried out by parties including Chinese
companies is still in progress, most of the bodies being recovered now are
almost decomposed and are placed in bags and taken to the morgue.
Meanwhile, as the rescue operation continues, humanitarian aids are coming
in for people affected by the disaster. On Wednesday, Chinese companies
operating in Sierra Leone donated cash totalling more than 100,000 U.S.
dollars, 5 tonnes of rice, 25 boxes of medicine and other items to the
government of Sierra Leone.Also, a delegation from Ivory Coast donated one
and half tones of assorted medical supplies. The Turkish Red Crescent
Wednesday brought in a cargo of humanitarian aid supplies. As the rescue
operation continues, more humanitarian are expected to come. In addition,
according to the Chinese Embassy in Sierra Leone, the Chinese government
had decided to provide emergency humanitarian aid of one million U.S.
dollars to the Sierra Leonean government. – XINHUA