Zimbabwe’s poor roads spur insurance broker to issue pothole cover

HARARE, Aug. 23 — The country’s pothole riddled roads have
spurred the business acumen of at least one insurance broker who has
launched an insurance product to deal with damages associated with potholes.

Zimbabwe Insurance Brokers Limited says in flyers that are being
distributed along the roads that it has come up with a product that helps
clients back on the road after suffering pothole related damages.
“Resultantly potholes have been popping up on our roads everywhere and this
has had negative effects on every motorist in Zimbabwe,” the company said.
The new insurance product covers damages on steering racks, shock
absorbers, tire bursts, wheel rims and springs. Motorist Kudakwashe Motsi
said the new product was innovated but warned others to read the fine print
on the agreement to avoid disappointment. “The product appears very good
but there could be a catch somewhere and motorists may discover that it may
not live to their expectations. So it is important to read all the clauses
to ensure that you are fully covered,” he said. Zimbabwe’s road network is
in a sorry state with many roads needing either patching or complete
resealing or preventive maintenance. – XINHUA