Zambia develops blueprint to promote equitable access to health services


   LUSAKA, April 7 -- Zambia on Wednesday joined the rest of the world in commemorating World Health Day with the government disclosing that it has developed a national strategic framework aimed at ensuring equitable access to health services for all.
   Minister of Health Jonas Chanda said the National Health in All Policies Strategic Framework is premised on collaborative mechanisms, health lens analysis, health impact assessment and partnership frameworks.
   "Furthermore, as part of the overall drive towards health for all, we will ensure that we position health equity high on the national agenda and solicit political will, galvanize support from stakeholder and cooperating partners," he said during the commemorations which were virtually held in view of the COVID-19 pandemic.
   The framework, he said, will help the government highlight key barriers in equitable access to health services, promote actions to work around the barriers and provide recommendations and tools to support multisectoral actions to ensure equitable health outcomes.
   Zambia, he said, is committed to advancing health equitably through an equity-oriented health sector, adding that the government is prioritizing health as a key socio-economic investment as outlined in its development plans. Xinhua