Uganda repatriates 42 Burundians rescued from busted human-trafficking racket

KAMPALA, April 29 — Uganda on Thursday repatriated 42 Burundian girls it rescued after busting a human-trafficking racket in the capital city of Kampala, a police spokesperson said here.
Charles Twiine, police spokesperson for criminal investigations directorate, told Xinhua by telephone that the girls were handed to Burundi’s Ambassador to Uganda Epiphanie Kabushemeye Ntamwana.
The rescued Burundian girls were later transported by road to Bujumbura for a reunion with their families.
“Police in conjunction with the directorate of immigration have today (Thursday) repatriated 42 Burundian girls that had been rescued from the hands of the traffickers,” said Twiine. “We have handed them over to the Burundian authorities so that they can be reintegrated into society and better their lives.”
He said one suspect has been arraigned before court, charged, and remanded to prison over human trafficking.
“We want to condemn this mysterious act of trafficking. We have built a good robust team across the borders to ensure victims of trafficking are detected and rescued,” said Twiine.
The police in conjunction with other security agencies early this month rescued the Burundian girls and arrested suspects involved in the human-trafficking racket.