Uganda monitors deadly Marburg cases

KAMPALA, Oct. 24– Uganda’s ministry of health on Sunday said it
is following up 55 people suspected to have had contact with the Marburg

Jane Aceng, minister of health, told reporters that the number of Marburg
cases remains three, with one confirmed case, one suspected and one
probable case of the viral disease in the eastern district of Keen. She
assured the public that the country has the capacity to effectively handle
the Marburg outbreak. “The ministry of health therefore calls upon the
population to remain calm but be on alert amidst this epidemic,” she said.
Uganda on Oct. 19 confirmed the outbreak of the deadly Marburg hemorrhagic

The last Marburg outbreak in Uganda was reported in central and western
parts of the East African country in 2014. Marburg is a severe and highly
fatal disease caused by a virus from the same family as the one that causes
Ebola hemorrhagic fever, according to the World Health Organization.
According to the global health body, the illness caused by Marburg virus
begins abruptly with severe headache and malaise. Case fatality rates have
varied greatly, from 25 percent in the initial laboratory-associated
outbreak in 1967, to more than 80 percent in the Democratic Republic of the
Congo from 1998-2000, to even higher in the outbreak that began in Angola
in late 2004. – XINHUA